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Invitation to Join the Dry Powder Bio Community

Companies, Cures, Investing, and Community 

Dry Powder Bio, Inc. is developing a biotech marketplace ecosystem to help match company founders, investors, clinicians, researchers, industry, academic institutions, patient advocacy groups, grant sources, others to help find and fund medical discoveries and help companies grow using our community platform.

Community features include groups, messaging, forums where users can exchange ideas, with the capability for live Q&A sessions, and will include virtual events and conferences. Members can log on and start discussions, share content, participate in polls offer online courses, and more.

Why Join Us?

Community Intelligence 

Learn from Others, Share Your Experience, Be an Opinion Leader

Experience exclusive content and conversations you can’t find anywhere else. Please join us in that conversation by sharing your knowledge and opinions. Add more subject groups or topics you think we should be discussing. Master something new, interesting, or important to you.

"Open-source collaboration between scientists could become a drug discovery catalyst." Bill Gates


Post, comment or start a discussion in the community with industry experts, healthcare professionals, and researchers or meet investors, or potential cofounders or explore other opportunities. 
Swap stories, experiences, and ideas around a shared mission, starting a new company or curing the next pandemic. Find a little inspiration, thought-provoking conversation, and expert perspective. 


Make better, more well-informed decisions about the things that are most important to you. Learn from professional peers, community members, and industry experts. Gain guidance to refine your ideas, improve your business plan, and learn from the experience of others willing to share their knowledge. Look for or provide useful information. 

Expert Assistance

Get answers to your questions or share something you discovered that others might be interested in or looking for a solution to. You will find people relevant to your business, your research, and your medical needs. What do you need help with?

Build Your Network

This community will help you to grow and solve challenges from the connections you may find. Doors for unseen opportunities may open as we start to scale. Find relevant industry experts and partners to expand your reach. 
We welcome you to become a key opinion leader (KOL) by mastering a topic, sharing your knowledge, and helping to build or join a group, topic or discussion or create your own discussion as a moderator.
This venue can be a way to showcase your skills by being valuable to other community members. Add a listing to highlight what you do with an explainer video and contact information and website.

Help in Obtaining Grants from NIH, DOD, and other Sources 

In 2020 the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) had a budget of $45.28 billion. This was increased by 8.6% to deal with the Coronavirus as the lead agency. The Department of Defense (DOD) and other agencies have their own grant funding. 
Grants are very competitive but offer an opportunity for funding basic research and provides non-dilutive funding for early-stage companies to get off the ground without giving up equity.

Download NIH Grant Funding by Category, 2008 to 2015



Sharing with the community events you think would be interesting.

Who Should Join Us?

Company Founders

Are you looking for investment capital? How much do you need and is your company pre-revenue or do you have customers, revenue, and traction? 
Do you need lawyers, accountants, contract resources, marketing support, employees, or co-founders?   
Medical cures might never be discovered or at least delayed because talented researchers and biotech company builders do not get the needed funding. 
Help us build this channel by sharing your story with the community and gain exposure. 

Angel Investors, Venture Capital, Family Offices, Private Equity Investors

Gain deal flow from a new source here. Before investing ask the community about the science or market opportunities from people with expertise that work in pharma, MedTech, or other areas to help evaluate deals you are looking at. We will be adding pitch events in the future.


Foundations, Philanthropy, Charities

Charitable organizations and individuals could range from a wealthy family donating for a potential cure to a rare disease for a family member to large organizations donating to "moonshot" cures for cancer, Alzheimer's, or other major diseases. These donations go to individual companies, for research at major academic institutions, to private research organizations to fund the work of leading scientists.

Biotech Investors Tips & Mastermind Group

Start an investor discussion about biotech stocks or ETF you are following. "Retail investors" are the non-professional investors that want to participate in investment opportunities and get educated about biotech, life sciences, and healthcare opportunities in publicly traded equities. These could be the "Robinhood" investors. 

Physician Entrepreneurs

Many physicians and other professionals we speak with are looking for advisory, equity or interesting side projects to get involved with. We are looking for key opinion leaders (KOL) and will be able to amplify those voices and match them to opportunities. 
Physicians' deep medical knowledge is valuable and has many applications to work with startups as an advisor, co-founder, or other equity roles. Venture capital firms, foundations, and other institutional investors need to rely on specialized research or medical knowledge before investing.

Academic Institutions

We invite you to help grow this community as a central hub for academia, where students and professors worldwide can meet up, share ideas and guidance. In the directory, we want to promote university technology transfer opportunities and faculty startup portfolio companies. 
Or for university faculty with an idea and looking for financial support or to find resources or collaborators. What are you working on? 

Professional Services, CROs, CDMOs, Other Suppliers

In the directory, we offer a great place for suppliers to find new clients to grow, promote their products or services and find business partners worldwide. In the community, you can introduce discussions to showcase your expertise or answer questions asked by the community. 

Pharmaceutical and Medical Technology Companies

These larger companies have many roles from funding basic research outside their companies to partnering with smaller private companies providing distribution or for out-licensing company IP.

Private companies in our directory may be looking for capital, an exit strategy, and acquisition by these larger companies or other M&A opportunities.

Medical School Student
or Considering a Career in Medicine?

Share your story of what you are going through in med school. How tough is it, how exciting it is, your classmates, your student debt you have most likely taken on, your fears, and what help would make your life or career easier? We hope the community can be a positive contribution, inspiration, or referral source. And your work will encourage the next class behind you.
Getting Through Medical School

Thank You!

Thank you for joining the conversation. As we launch and build the community with more members and content, your involvement and voice will only grow stronger. We welcome the US and international members to join us. And your feedback on how to improve.

Ask the Community

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